The Truth About K8e Orr

I was raised in Colorado springs Colorado, When I was born my parents were active in the native American art scene, running a shop in Cresta Butte, and doing trade shows, I attend my first powwow at three days old and spent time traveling all over the USA with my mom dad and older brother. In 1989 my parents divorced, shortly after my mom developed schizophrenia, and my dad broke his back and received a triple closed head injury while working, ending the art business, and cementing our stay on the west side, living with my grandmother, and raising ourselves. Growing up had its shares of ups and downs but I remained for the most part a cheery kid, despite almost nightly runs to the crisis center, and hospital visits. My brother loved comics, he introduced me to art, spending time drawing his own super heroes, and sometimes he would let me ink them or design a costume, as a tribute to him I gave my blog (Jibwa Jibaw) the nick name he called me as a young girl. Since then my interest in art has

grown mostly my art is a coping skill and when I’m down or trying to think something over I do something artistic till I find an answer whether it be writing a song, making a piece of jewelry or painting an canvas. Thank you for taking your time to look at my work and learn more about an artist.